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Treatment Equipment

Modern equipments that are imported from advanced countries
All the quality procedures and modern equipment at COSMOS are time-tested, and were ordered after a lot of planning and research. All the equipments are imported from USA, Europe and other advanced countries. The integrated facilities at every COSMOS clinic include well equipped operation theatres electronically controlled theatre tables, medical accessories, surgical instruments and so on.


Medlite 1064nm c6 machine made in usa

  • MEDLITE 1064nm C-6 USA ‘Q’ switch ultra short pulse laser
  • MEDLITE 532 nm C-6 USA ‘Q’ switch ultra short pulse laser
  • DEKA, ITALY 1064 Long pulse laser for hair removal
  • UUTERA 1064 nm Long pulse laser for hair removal, cutaneous vascular surgery
  • ELLMAN 3.8 MR2 Radio surgical equipment
  • DEPIGI Europe for white hair removal
  • LYMDHOGE I, Transion
  • ISO GE I, Europe
DEKA ITALY 1064 machine made in usa
Doctors at COSMOS their experience exposure
  • Remedial Cosmetologists
  • Laser Expert Doctors
  • Dermatologists
  • Plastic Surgeons
  • Hair Restoration Surgeons
  • Endo Crinologistis
  • Anaeshesiologists