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What COSMOS' customers say!

I was suffering from a lot of pimples and they were leaving behind dark spots. My self confidence was crumbling. Then my friend recommended Dr. Gopala Krishna name. I was appreciative of the care and consideration he gave to me in evaluating my needs and goals. I will always be grateful to him for giving me back the confidence and self esteem I thought I would never have. Thanks a lot.

RamaKrishna, Hyderabad

During my teenage, I suffered from pimples. I don’t get pimples any longer but they had scarred my face quite badly. It was affecting my self confidence a lot. I desperately wanted to get rid of them & had tried many treatments. I had already wasted a lot of money on those self-advertised chains of costly laser & beauty clinics without any improvement. I tried COSMOS clinic, where I met Dr. Gopala Krishna. He showed me photographs of patients with scars treated by him on his computer. They were very impressive & encouraged me to undergo treatment. The treatment worked out for me as well. After a few sessions, I had remarkable reduction in my scars. My lowered frustration and raised self-esteem were well worth the modest expense. Thanks, Dr. Gopala Krishna and keep up the valuable practice of making people feel better about themselves.

Madhavi, Banjarahills, Hyderabad

I am a 37 year old female staying in California. I had developed several small black raised spots over my face and neck. My mother had similar problem, too. I thought that since it is hereditary, nothing could be done. But one of my friends who had recently visited India & got rid of similar spots (skin tags and DPN) at COSMOSclinic advised me to go for Laser ablation. The cost was exorbitant in the U.S. So in my next visit to India, I made it a point to meet Dr. Gopala Krishna & got the treatment done at a very reasonable cost. Now my face is spotless.

Poonam, California (USA)

I am definitely proud to say that DR. Kaviti Krishna Priya is one of the best doctors in India. He is professional, caring & knowledgeable. When I first went to him for a laser treatment, I had thick facial hairs & had to hide my face. He did not do the laser treatments straightaway, but tried to find out the cause for the problem. On examination only, he found that I had some problem called PCOD, which was later confirmed on blood testing. Then, my laser treatment sessions were started & now after 5 sessions I have very minimal growth.

Kavitha, Vizag

My daughter is 22 years of age. She had this pimple problem since her teenage & they were causing scars over her face. She had become quite depressed and was not ready to attend any social gatherings. Then, one of her aunts suggested us to meet Dr. Gopala Krishna. Under her treatment, my daughter has improved remarkably well. Her pimples have almost stopped coming & the scars have shown significant improvement too. I am very, very happy and I recommend people to use their money on something that works, instead of all the things that are supposed to work – and don’t. I recommended her name also to my friends as I am very happy with the results.

Swetha, Hyderabad